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I'm an artist and filmmaker with over fifteen years of experience creating video and design media for clients and companies across the globe. I currently work with a great group of folks at the mobile gaming company Jam City, where I serve as a Sr. Creative Services Art Lead & Manager. 

I studied filmmaking in college and have had the good fortune of screening my films in festivals such as the Mill Valley Film Festival, Spike & Mike's Festival of Twisted Animation and the Santa Fe International Film Festival. In addition to that, my artwork has popped up in various forms for Performing Arts Theaters and Musical Acts. 

Creatively, I like to experiment, have fun, collaborate, be easy going and create work that everyone involved feels proud of. 


I love hanging with my wife and my newborn baby. I'm obsessed with movies, I can talk about Steven Spielberg and David Lynch for days. In my free time I like to paint, play guitar, draw, work on films, read Shakespeare, hike amidst the trees and go on walks to the bookstore or cafe. 


Thanks for checking out my work! It's very much appreciated.


Have a good one!

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