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As a Creative Lead, I pride myself on checking egos at the door, inviting all ideas to the table and having a fun, inclusive atmosphere. We're lucky enough to work on cool stuff, so let's enjoy it as much as we can and bring in those concepts that no one has seen before. 


I've had the great privilege to work with many high level brands and game titles. I've lent my talents to them as a video editor, motion graphics artist and creative lead. Since 2017 I have worked at the mobile gaming company Jam City where I currently oversee the creative marketing direction for Jurassic World Alive, Jurassic World: The Game and other recent titles such as DC Heroes & Villains, with previous titles being Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Panda Pop. Below are examples of some high level trailers I worked on as video editor and creative lead. 



For me, it's all about strategy + experimentation. We need to know what is working, why it is working and how to implement those learnings, but it is also about finding that new idea, being the trendsetter and creating new opportunities. 

I continuously look for new avenues for us to explore, not settling for what has already been done and utilizing the unique skills of all our artists to push our team to new heights. 

Below you can see my creative direction for User Acquisition, App Store Optimization, Brand and Social Marketing as well as a case study on one of our recent trailers for Jurassic World Alive



As an artist myself, I care deeply about mentoring artists, expanding their skills and helping them follow their passions. I think if artists get to have a voice, they do better work, and for me, all ideas are welcome and I want the artists to have ownership and pride in the work they produce. I've been fortunate enough to work alongside and manage amazing folks and I'm constantly in awe of the creativity I see from others. 


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