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Moving Day

My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Animator, Producer, Cinematographer, Actor

While a couple is moving out, a smiley drawing on one of their boxes comes to life, falls in love with another drawing across the room and sets out on a box hopping adventure in the hopes of reaching their beloved.



St. Louis International Film Festival

Santa Fe International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - St. Louis International Film Festival - 2023.png

In Memory: A Love Poem From a Son To His Mother

My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Composer, Animator, Graphic Designer, Producer, Voice Over

A poetic and experimental documentary film that examines a young man's struggle coping with his Mother's early onset Alzheimer's disease.


The Mill Valley Film Festival

Taos Shortz Film Festival 


The Adventures of Dr. Mal Practice

My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Illustrator, Animator, Voice Actor

An epic story of love, loss and murdering your patients. 


Spike & Mike's Festival of Twisted Animation


Karate Ninja Dragon of the Undead

My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Illustrator, Animator, Voice Actor, Songs and Music

The epic story of a hero unlike any other. It is a story of heroism, justice and just, y'know, eating people and stuff.


Three Minute Film Festival

Bleach or the Slug

My Role: Director, Editor, Producer


Two roommates share, and clash, over their own recent (and very coincidentally timed) tragedies.

Jessie Dodson
Ashley Rose McKenna
Written by Andrew Dodson
Directed by Sean Mirkovich


Independent Shorts Awards - April 2020 - Platinum Award Winner for Best Acting Duo 

Indie Short Fest - Official Selection 

FLICKFAIR - Official Selection - September 2021



My Role: Writer, Director, Shooter, Editor, Composer, Actor, Motion Graphics

Tomorrow is a short film about the ever hopeful tomorrow, the place where all of your goals, dreams, and self fulfillment exists... Until tomorrow turns into today that is...

Featured on

The Metropolist - SHORT-LIST: Top 5 Shorts This Week 

David Lynch Coffee Review

My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Composer, Animator, Producer, Actor

A personal review of David Lynch's Coffee.

The Years Project

The Years Project

Watch Now

The Years Project

My Role: Director, Shooter, Editor, Sometime Composer

The Years Project is something I started as a personal video scrapbook series to remember captured moments and awake memories from different times in my life. I've been doing it for over 10 years and it has become a real treat of a project to share with friends and family. 

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